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Voice lessons for beginners of all ages



My name is Somya Goomer, and I have used my skill in vocal performance in a number of different ways over the years, for as long as I can remember. It has been a huge aspect of my life for everything I do. From the way that I express myself, the way that I can come up with music productions, audio productions, in theatre, in acting, and more. I used to take lessons growing up for singing, but later on branched off to learning new skills where I could apply my voice artistically, creatively, and professionally. Our voices are used in more ways than we could imagine and they are especially an imperative in the recording industry. That goes beyond just musical uses. We also use our voices for public speaking and communicating - other forms of vocal expression that play crucial roles in our lives. I believe that understanding how to express yourself vocally and learning to have control over your voice will determine an aspect of one’s confidence in the craft.

MY Teaching Vibe

I will work to help each student on their individual musical journey and not force a one-size-fits-all curriculum on them. I am primarily a voice instructor, but I can also give consultation to the best of my ability in other aspects of performing arts and multimedia with the experience that I have in those fields. For example, if a student wants to start building their brand as an artist, I can help them find the tools necessary to progress in that direction.

Here is a song of mine I have released on all streaming platforms called 'Superstar'. I wrote, recorded, produced, & sang this song all myself! You can check it out by clicking the link below.



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